1. Recondition is offered for equipment with good die-electric properties, acceptable contact resistance readings, and operation is within designated trip curve.  This service is applicable to equipment that has been out of service for a while but is stored in clean, forced air environment and equipped with updated style components.
  2. Rebuild is offered for equipment with failing die-electric and/ or contact resistance readings. However, the unit operates within the designated trip curve.  This service is applicable to equipment that has been stored in the dirty or corrosive environment.  The enclosed electronic components were not harmed but the exposed hot parts or insulators have been damaged.
  3. Rebuild and retrofit with AC Pro or OE trip units is offered for breakers with failing die-electric and/ or contact resistance readings.  Additionally, the unit either won't operate at all or operates out of the trip curve.  Customers also choose this method to upgrade old unreliable trip units, to new solid state equipment.  

Medium Voltage

Also, service, test, repair, and rebuild medium voltage contactors and circuit breakers.
Air style contactor or circuit breaker contacts can be rebuilt in-house.  This expedites the repair time and diminishes your down time.
Vacuum integrity tests are offered on applicable equipment.  
Other equipment we repair/ rebuild include
Service disconnects                                  Substation bushings
Tap changers                                             Substation yard disconnects
Oil circuit breakers                                   Buss duct
Ajax or other water cooled contacts


We repair and rebuild most all types of industrial electrical equipment

We are a full-service shop.  We repair and replace contact tips as well as silver plate in-house.  Have full machine shop and can manufacture parts for obsolete equipment. We offer die-electric testing, load testing, and digital low reading ohm testing of all types of low and medium voltage circuit breakers or contactors.  Units are quoted and repairs recommended before repairs are started.

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​On-Site Services

We also offer testing at your facility.  Planned outages, emergency shutdowns or other instances is a service we specialize in.  Many companies are having scheduled outages to locate and address any potential problems.  These preventative maintenance programs are a smart and cost-effective way to avoid downtime.  We offer low and medium voltage switchgear cleaning, testing, and reporting at these times.
Infrared scan and report are available. This technology has been instrumental in avoiding expensive and sometimes dangerous electrical failures.  Many customers opt for this service some time in advance of a shutdown to pinpoint problem areas to be addressed.

Pad mount transformer service
Clean, inspect and repair oil filled transformers.  We offer transformer oil sample analysis. This service can be provided when the transformer is energized (in most cases).  The results let you “see” the integrity of the oil and overall condition of the transformer. 

Oil filled transformer leaks can be fixed on site.  Bushings are an example of a common area which transformers can leak oil.  We have the necessary equipment to fix such leaks.

  • Oil filtration. If oil is determined by a lab to have elements out of safety range, a customer can have the oil filtered. If combustibles or water content are high but die-electric strength is good we can run the oil through a filter press. This service saves time and money of purchasing new oil. An oil analysis will be taken after filtered.
  • Complete Oil Refill. We also fill oil transformers. Some customers want/ need flame retardant oil due to the proximity of personnel or building to the transformer. We can evacuate and refill oil with whatever customer needs.
  • Testing for Shorted Transformers. We offer TTR test which denotes open or shorted windings in transformers. 
  • Capacitor Bank Service. We can clean, and test capacitors. Oil filled switches and potential transformers are also serviceable.
  • High Line Pole Work. Replacement of cutouts on high lines, lightning arrestors, and maintenance of connections are also offered.

Low Voltage Switchgear

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